Kinnerz Coaching’s history: A personal note from founder Phil Kinsey.

My journey to founding Kinnerz Coaching began in 2001 when I had the very good fortune to be granted a work experience place by Steve Fallon at his company, Steve Fallon Sports.

A Cambridge United legend, Steve had made 410 appearances as a defender for the club before becoming Histon FC’s manager.

As a year 10 student who loved football and thrived on sport and physical activity, I was proud and overjoyed at the opportunity to learn about coaching from a man whose career and reputation were such an inspiration to me. I already knew I wanted to create a story of my own in coaching someday, and I enjoyed the experience so much that I came back for two more weeks the following year, gaining even more learning and insights.

In 2003, I completed my FA Level 1 football course and started to work as a coach for Steve while I attended college. For the next two years, I coached at various schools, projects and events, learning my trade firsthand. I was grateful to be offered a wide range of jobs, allowing me to explore many aspects of coaching in different environments, furthering my education and confidence through experience.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed my time and work at Steve Fallon Sports, I knew I’d eventually need to become self-employed to make a real go of sports coaching. Only that would allow me the freedom to turn my passion into my career.

I founded Kinnerz Coaching in January 2006. Ever since then, I’ve been helping to provide fun sports and activities to the wider Cambridge community, working to make a difference.

I successfully completed my FA Level 2 course in May 2008, which was extremely beneficial to my progress as a football coach and a sports coach in general. The qualification and experience acted as a springboard, enabling me to move onwards and upwards to make Kinnerz Coaching the thriving community business it has become.

Today, Kinnerz Coaching regularly works with the Cambridge City and Cambridgeshire County councils; the Cambridgeshire FA; the Park Street, Arbury and Mayfield primary schools and the Oaks and Landmark international schools – as well as teaming up with local community groups and charities like The Kite Trust.

We’re partners and supporters of Cambridge initiatives and businesses like Cooper Trophies and Minuteman Press and are proud to enjoy the sponsorship of local businesses like St Andrews Road Garage.

I’d like to thank everyone from Kinnerz Coaching’s past and present for their kindness and support – especially Steve Fallon, for whom I have the greatest respect and admiration. Without the help, support, guidance, kindness and opportunities I received from Steve through my teenage years, I wouldn’t have had the confidence and platform of experience necessary to carve out a career in coaching.

I’m proud of what Kinnerz Coaching has achieved so far to help the Cambridge community, but there’s always more to do, so long may it continue. Happily, running Kinnerz Coaching has always been exciting and very rewarding for me – coaching is, after all, my lifelong passion.

Phil Kinsey

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