The passion behind going self employed and setting up my own business lies within my love for sport, individuality and the freedom to express it.

I have lived here in Cambridge all my life and feel that sport is such a great way of bringing everyone together; whether that be with family, friends or the community.

I continually aim to make a difference in and around Cambridge, so that every child and every family have the opportunity to engage in sport & activity in a safe and enjoyable environment, taught by experienced local staff that share the same care, passion and drive as I do.

For me, sport and recreational activity is about having FUN, the enjoyment of being ACTIVE and the chance to LEARN, SOCIALISE and form FRIENDSHIP.

If through this way of thinking, I and my staff can further contribute to a child’s development and progression into an improved or higher level, then this is a great bonus and achievement for us all. It’s the taking part that counts!

I take great pride in my work & the manor of which I go about business.

Organisation, presentation and punctuality are very important to me.

I always strive to offer a fast & efficient e-mail service, dealing with all parents and clients first hand, looking to add that personal touch, that I feel makes a big difference in customer care & client satisfaction.

Together, we can build a brighter future, getting everyone up and active!

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For all questions, enquiries please text: 0780 911 6545